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Remarkable events, services, and experiences in iconic and unusual locations around the globe.
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No effort is spared in sourcing the most exhilarating and authentic experiences and attaining exclusive access to the most illustrious and restricted venues, guaranteeing that guests obtain the utmost satisfaction and experienced insider knowledge like never before in some of the world’s most enticing destinations.

For us, limited access means that very few – aside from us – can do it.

The Spies Glamoux Portugal | Portugal's Luxury Lifestyle & Travel Concierge - Travel and Lifestyle Alchemists Ian Lancaster Fleming - James Bond The Spy Games

Based on true facts, The Spy Games is an intriguing role-playing spy game where nothing is what it seems to be.

Do you have what it takes and accept the challenge to solve the mystery?

Glamoux Portugal | Portugal's Luxury Lifestyle & Travel Concierge - Travel and Lifestyle Alchemists Ian Lancaster Fleming - James Bond The Spy Games

The Plot

An exceptionally curated challenging and intriguing plot in Portugal based on facts that occurred through the second world war.

Europe and other countries and territories were in chaos, but Portugal remained neutral and subsequently a Haven For Spies…

Glamour turns into a mystery as you trace the footsteps of James Bond’s creator and immerse in Ian Fleming’s inspirational setting that led him to write his first novel Casino Royale.


The Most Exclusive Experiences

  • Private Travel experiences, events & expeditions tailored exclusively for you, in the most enchanted and secluded places on the planet.


  • Guaranteed consummate comfort onboard a Private Jet, Yacht or historic vessels, exploring some of the most remote and extraordinary places on earth!


  • Incredibly transformative, experimental and life-enriching journeys curated for very small groups, of up to 10/12 guests all available for exclusive charter.
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WWII Fighter
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What Makes us Special


...a hand-picked selection of spa therapies while on an exclusive stay at a world-renowned Estate, or Boost your adrenaline and fly with a Fighter Pilot on a WWII ex-military aircraft.


...an encounter with a native Indian tribe and sense an ultra-exclusive tobacco ceremony in the Brasilian jungle. From there, hop on a private jet on the way to a place where the only possible direction is north and indulge & endure on an epic expedition to the geographic South-Pole.

Your Self

Sahara Luxury Expedition

For the most daring, we suggest a global grand expedition curated to the utmost exquisite taste of a very select few, sensing fascinating and iconic spots around the globe, arousing A New Golden Era of Expeditions, with an understated indulgence in a fashion never performed previously.

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And Shine

Worrying about your well-being? We partner with some of the most discrete luxury mental health disorders & addiction and holistic recovery clinics on the planet, permitting you to retreat and recover in complete secrecy with exclusive hospitality in a private and luxurious setting.

Why Glamoux...

Our inhouse Concierge & Lifestyle Management services are second to none!

With a global network of next-level experts holding a profound insider knowledge, we fulfil the most discerning requests for an audience with exquisite and demanding criteria, assuring absolute confidentiality, discretion, and distinctiveness.

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