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We are all about long-lasting relations, human value, exclusive experiences, authentic places, glamorous events, and luxury lifestyle!


Maintaining long-lasting relations, and creativity.
This is how we make sure that our services are absolutely outstanding.

Our Values

Confidentiality, Discretion, and Distinction. Our core since day one, and that we contemplate as being our most valued attributes.


Offering a wide variety of services combined with a multitude of solutions, no matter what you may need plus everything you might envisage.


Knowing the people behind the brand is more important than the brand itself.
We appraise human value above any other.

Nothing Is Impossible

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Exceding a luxury concierge.

Our in-house experts undertake responsibility for applying decades of experience ensuring not-available-anywhere-else refined assistance and services, tweaking each one to the most discerning standards, and for the utmost exquisite people.

We provide 360-degree lifestyle management, developed according to our patrons and members most delicate demands.

Exclusive Selection

If you seek something undeniably outstanding, get in touch with us.

Please note that our exclusive collection of services and assistance is uniquely possible on solicitation or by invitation, being all requests subjected to vetting.


Journeys surpassing artistry

traveL, ExperienceS & EXPEDITIONS

Unconventional, audacious, bold and exquisite.


It is a craving desire for uniqueness!
Unprecedented and jaw-dropping experiences in spots unheard-of, to the most iconic venues on Earth, is so heartwarming, and it reminds us of our accountability towards the communities we operate in.

Travel, Luxury Leisure and family travel


Travel with a transformative tenacity, whilst uncovering the authenticity of the incredible planet we live in, or experience a pioneering orbital flight. Revive the Golden Era of Travel or be inspired by an avant-garde Global Expedition curated by experts.

Corporate Travel Services


This is natural to us!
Exciting eccentric, or romantic, historic, and irreverent, themed, or storytelling, role-playing, corporate or other.
Our in-house experts have a passion and a compromise with exclusivity.


A statement through imagination


From concept creation to organization and management, resulting in a memorable affair.

Gourmet food, fine wines, iconic venues or renowned artists are just the beginning. 

We create unique and timeless memories that you and your guests will just not forget.

private parties

Parties and celebrations for the most fascinating and exquisite people. We are sought-after for creating some of the most unique and creative events.
From UNESCO heritage sites, the Brasilian Rain Forest, or an historic castle, anything is possible from the most intimate celebration to the most extravagant parties.


Besides working with personalities of unquestionable reputation, we hold a professional, experienced and qualified team, capable of transmitting your company's image earnestly and soberly, on some of the most sought-after, or the utmost secluded venues.


Not only do we create opportunities, but also grant access to some of the most sought-after by-invitation-only dues, where you rub shoulders with Celebrities, prominent CEO's, and discerning Entrepreneurs. Turn-key solutions from concept creation to on-site management.


Limited editions, coveted items, and unique masterpieces


Our in-house procurement & personal shopping specialists are authorities at uncovering rare collectable artefacts and unique items that are clearly not possible to acquire in the open market.
Real estate, rare cars, jewels, wristwatches & timepieces, or art.
We satisfy any wish list imaginable.

personal shopping

Offering refined consultancy and assistance whilst working with the most prestigious fashion brands & designers make us unalike. Selective criteria based on the accumulated trust and an unquestionable confidentiality alone make the possibilities endless, yet only the finest and most outstanding will transcend selective standards.

art & rare items

At some point we either collect or wish to have certain objects or, owning something that inspires us like rare art, something with history, handcrafted by a master, an artisan who’s skill created an exclusive and everlasting relic.

complications and jewels

A scrupulous and eclectic global network comprised of private collectors, faceting ateliers, Maisons of unwavering reputation and heritage, our procurement sources for timeless gemstones, jewels, rarities and the most coveted timepieces.

Exceptional Accommodation

Oftentimes, 5 stars do not suffice for the Lord of the Manor.


Places are an experience in itself!

Immersion, perception, and involvement in one-of-a-kind luxury and ultra-exclusive properties that convey authenticity, craftsmanship and exclusivity.

Iconic Landmarks

Splendorous landmarks, monuments and unforgettable iconic places that reflect their own history and heritage and therefore contribute to the identity of a place thus enriching your stay. This is paramount to us!

Glamoux Portugal | Portugal's Luxury Lifestyle & Travel Concierge - Travel and Lifestyle Alchemists - Safe Travel - Safe Accommodation - World Leading Destination

ultra-exclusive sanctuaries

Indulge with a meticulously hand-picked collection of incomparable accommodations, from an ultra-exclusive lodge at the ends of the world, a Berber original camp, a Sanctuary Lodge with exceptionally restricted access to a spiritual hideaway that captures the drama of the surroundings, or the only hotel within the Iguassu National Park.

Unparalleled Attention

Awarded luxury villas and mansions on the seashore, temples of tranquillity in secluded celebrity hideouts, and castles that once were guardians of empires, enriched through centuries of heritage. Having a dedicated team of global property procurement permits us to have an acquaintance from the most en vogue to off-market properties.

Luxury, Lifstyle, Concierge, Travel, Shopping, fine art,


Grandiosely subtle in the sky, on the water, overland.


By air, overland, on the water

Since the origins of humankind that caravans crossed continents. Now, in the twenty-first century, an infinity of options are made available to you with the best of the best.
From a private jet to an airliner, a luxury river barge, or a mega yacht, from a chauffeured limousine to a luxury multi-coach entourage.

In The Sky

Put the pleasure back into air travel with a private air charter. Being it a private jet for business, leisure, or medical evacuation, an airliner for large entourages or tour operators. From one person to a group for hundreds of people, cargo or helicopters, we have the aptitude to charter any size aircraft you need whilst providing 24/7 assistance.

Luxury Transports | Bus & Coaches | Limousines | Yachts | Private Jets

On The Water

We are committed to ensuring your every need is taken care of. Relax as you drift and savour every instant of your journey as you float along. From laid-back luxury private river cruises to the finest luxury mega yachts in any destination in the world. We are capable to uncover excellence and ensure you a memorable water charter experience.


A supercar or a classic collectable car tour on the Mediterranean coast, airport transfer with the traditional black Mercedes-Benz or events on a limousine, luxury coaches, or executive minibuses and vans for large events and congresses. Working with elite professionals permits us to present the highest safety and quality of land transportation at any destination around the globe.

Concierge & Lifestyle

Outstanding personal assistance for the most exquisite and exigent

Concierge & Lifestyle​ Management

It’s like having a personal James Bond that takes care of things for you, providing unmatched access to private shopping, making travel arrangements, sourcing off-market investments from real estate to the gift for that special someone, or organizes that private event with Andrea Bocelli.

unparalleled access

Unparalleled access to a wealth of services available to a selected few. Grammys, Vanity Fair, and the Oscars are merely some of the examples. Stroll on the red carpet. Be invited to Richard Brandson's paradisiacal retreat Necker Island and rub shoulders with royalty and the most prominent entrepreneurs in ultra-exclusive and by-invitation-only networking happenings.

no hustles - live more

Experiences that matter! Engage more with life, and celebrate the wonders of the world and life itself. Our lifestyle management curators and Conciergerie purvey for a vast spectrum of unique services. Private shopping and elite education, are just a precursor to the infinity that our wonderful world has to offer amongst unique & rare experiences and superb services.

Eco Travel Glamoux Portugal | Portugal's Luxury Lifestyle & Travel Concierge - Travel and Lifestyle Alchemists

unforgettable memories. ​

We take pride in being one of the few around the globe who dare to deliver uncommon experimental travel that hoists spirits and create brand awareness to a whole new level. Through sourcing uncommon locations and identifying out-of-sight communities, we acquire skills to run sustainable activities, especially when most economically needed for these communities, and raise awareness to the most uncommon destinations whilst enticing the most sophisticated, experienced and serious traveller.

Relocations & Golden Visa

Citizenship and Residency Investment Programs

The world’s 4th
strongest passport

Literally, there are over a dozen options available

The Portuguese Golden Visa is certainly the most advantageous in Europe. With an array of options available, varying from Real Estate, Job Creation and Investment Funds, the Portuguese Golden Visa program is one of the most popular residence by investment programs in Europe and in the world, It can be renewed every two years providing the applicant spends two weeks in the country every two years, and Citizenship can be attained in only 5 years.


An investment of just €500,000 (or €350,000 reduced option) in real estate in Portugal grants a residency permit for a family including dependent children.

private equity / venture capital

With options starting at a minimum investment of only EUR 350,000, this is an exceptional option to obtain a European Residency Permit. There has been an increase by investors to choose the Capital transfer investment as an alternative, as most of our clients are very active people and do not have the availability to travel to Portugal to control the property themselves.

No Minimum by Job Creation

Starting a company in Portugal for just 5 years and with a minimum of 10 full-time employees has the benefit of not imposing a minimum investment, meaning you have less upfront investment, whilst ensuring the same benefits.

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