The World Is Not Enough.
– Ian Fleming

Consider it done!

Why do you need a Luxury Concierge Service? – One word only: Exclusivity!

No-fee membership Concierge Services.

We are experts in Portugal and Spain!

Of course, we do a lot of networking with local experts who master they’re geographical areas.  That is the only way it can be done, through contacts and connections.

A wedding proposal on a unique heritage site? – consider it done! Or maybe your company has a new product coming out and you want to show it to the world on a unique site? – deal!  A last-minute coach, jet or limousine for you, your clients, or perhaps your family and friends? Or maybe you want something realy dashing and want a skydiver to come down with your wedding or engagement ring, or even carrying your company logo as the violins or your favorite artist play alongside?

We do extensive networking with highly experienced professionals that do this for a living, hence the reason why we can tell you that we are only limited by your dreams.

We can assist you with either a personal concierge that will help save time, getting access to exclusive events, organize a glamorous and luxurious weekend or arrange a table on that fully booked restaurant. Also, for Businesses our partners can pamper you and your clients with truly amazing things. Tell us what you have in mind!

A Concierge is your personal top-secret weapon to crack a unlimited list of restricted experiences that money can buy.

Let our Partners spoil you and enjoy it all with Glamour & Luxury.

A Personal Assistant

Available 24/7

At Your Service

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