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Premium Land Transports

Limousines Coaches and VIP Transportation

Hire Luxurious Limousines Coaches and VIP Transports. 

There is nothing like a Chauffeured Classic Car or a Glamorous vehicle, like, for example for your Event, Business Function, Weeding or Shopping trip.

Enjoy unlimited luxury and as a result, the opportunity to know the local culture. Meet the people, and, for instance, appreciate a glamorous Dinner.

  • Chauffeured services
  • Coaches & Business Minibuses
  • Corporate Events and Tourism Services.
  • Undoubtedly one of the key components of the travel and tourism industry.

Most important, Glamoux Land Transportation Partners are elected amongst the best and we cut no corners when it comes to quality, safety and reliability.

Nowadays, there is such diverse range of land transportation services and options to choose from, but most may not fit into your needs. We know it is not easy to choose. However, we know where to look for. 

Subsequently, we visit our Partners installations. Firstly, we check the vehicles ourselves and secondly, we select only the ones we know will be up to our high standards. 

During this inspection visits, we review Licenses, insurances, and maintenance records.

However, make no mistakes and hire Limousines Coaches and VIP Transports with Glamoux. 

The team maintains a close relationship with key premium partners. For instance, we know most of them personally. 

Furthermore, our partners are specialized in a wide variety of vehicles suitable for any occasion.

Above all, we will take care of all the details.

Moreover, we organize from a simple Airport to Hotel Transfer, to a large group multi-vehicle multi-days event.

To sum up, Trust the best.

In conclusion, this is what makes us different!

Exotic & Super Cars

Exotic Cars Rental

Luxury Brands

Lavish and Stylish

Enjoy a Exotic or a Super Car with or without driver, and as a result enjoy the best money can buy.

  • Wide range of Luxury Brands
  • Available with or without Driver

Classic Cars and Bikes

Luxury Transports | Bus & Coaches | Limousines | Yachts | Private Jets

Luxury and Glamour

Put that smile on your face and hire a Classic for a Romantic Weekend and rejoice in your wedding, Corporate Event, and just have fun.

  • Available with and without Driver
  • For Functions or just for Fun!


Limousine | stretch limousine | VIP Limousine | Luxury | Glamour

Ultimate Land Travel Vehicle

Much has been said about stretch Limousines, but, in other words, it is not the most discreet vehicle, but for sure one that makes a statement right at your arrival. Being it to receive a client or a business associate at the airport or hotel or similarly, during Glamorous Lifestyle Events or any other that you dream of.

  • Chauffeured  
  • Up to 8 Passengers
  • complementary services available on request

Luxury Sedans

Luxury Transports | Bus & Coaches | Limousines | Yachts | Private Jets

Distinct Vehicles

Most important, a luxury sedan is suitable for all ocasions. 

Furthermore, a trully distinct way of getting from one point to another with maximum confort. As a result, have a Premium  chauffeured car waiting for you and relax on the back seat.  In conclusion, It’s confortable, reliable and safe.

  • Chauffeured  
  • Up to 2 Passengers
  • Complementary services available on request

Business Vans

Luxury Transports | Bus & Coaches | Limousines | Yachts | Private Jets

Eclectic and functional

Certainly, you cannot go wrong with a Business Van.

Most important, the Mercedes Benz V Class is the perfect solutions for Transfers, Small Group Visits, or multi-day services. On the other hand, enjoy confort and discretion.

  • Chauffeured  
  • Up to 6 Passengers
  • Complementary services available on request
  • Large Luggage Compartment

VIP Minibus

Luxury Transports | Bus & Coaches | Limousines | Yachts | Private Jets

Business & Leisure

Above all, a VIP Minibus is the perfect choice for Corporate Transportation, a small group Tourism Multi-day Tour. Therefore, have your gests transported with Glamour, Luxury and Style.

  • Chauffeured  
  • Up to 19 Passengers
  • Complementary on-board services available on request
  • Large Luggage Compartment

Luxury Coaches

Luxury Transports | Bus & Coaches | Limousines | Yachts | Private Jets

For Business & Leisure

To sum up, from a Long Distance Coach fitted with Meeting room, Toilet, Galley Kitchen, or a Luxurious Tourism Coach for your Tour or event. Our Premium Transporters will cater for all your needs.
Moreover, this Service can be complemented. Tell us if you need On-Board assistance or Guide Services, Branding, catering. The list of options is endless. As a result, Glamoux provides you the best in the market.

  • Chauffeured  
  • Up to 85 Passengers
  • Complementary on-board services available on request
  • Large Luggage Compartment

Special Vehicles

Luxury Transports | Bus & Coaches | Limousines | Yachts | Private Jets

Vehicles for Special Ocasions

For special Occasions, you need a special vehicle.

Glamoux is constantly seeking new partnerships with unique service providers that will surprise you, your guests and your clients.

 For example: a Limousine with a Jacuzzi, or a traditional horse wagon? A Sidecar Bike or customized Train, or a Classic Harley-Davidson bike?

Tell us about your dream!

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