Concierge & Lifestyle

Concierge, Lifestyle Management, Events & Travel in Portugal & Worldwide Facilitating the life of CEO's, VIPs, Athletes, Personalities, Family Offices, Global Corporations, and Very Special People.


We excel at understanding demanding people.

Our expertise is to deeply understand the desires and necessities of the most perceptive people in the world

We are known for our diplomacy, cordiality, confidentiality, discretion, and Distinctiveness.

Our policy towards abiding new collaborations is by invitation through our direct contact or by recommendation. In the cases where we are approached by third parties with whom we have no existing connection, we reserve the right to acceptance by vetting.

All our bookings and arrangements are made at the highest levels, bypassing front desks, thus, we refuse to use any booking or shopping platforms, privileging exclusively direct contact.


A holistic boutique suite of services handled by our lifestyle curators & concierge teams caters to eclectic jet-setters.

24/7 efficiency with a proactive approach to fulfilling demands, and lifestyle expectations.

Knowing you makes us able to anticipate and suggest ahead of your request.


Places are an experience in itself!

Luxury and ultra-exclusive properties that convey authenticity, craftsmanship and exclusivity.

Indulge with our hand-picked collection of incomparable and splendorous landmarks, awarded luxury villas and mansions, Hotel suites and more.


Coveted restaurants, hotel bookings, airport transfers, and any service that requires expert knowledge.

With a legacy being built since 1992, we know the right people in the right places.

Sold-out events, sports venues, and guest-list-only occasions make us one of the preferred go-to facilitators to the who’s who of the world.


The sky is no longer the limit!

Designing Journeys surpassing artistry and jaw-dropping experiences in spots unheard-of, in some of the most iconic venues on Earth.

Travel, Experiences, Holidays, Expeditions, orbital flights… Exclusivity is natural to us!


Limited editions, coveted items, and unique masterpieces.

Our in-house procurement & personal shopping specialists are authorities at uncovering rare collectible artifacts and unique items that are clearly not possible to acquire in the open market.

Real estate, rare cars, jewels, timepieces, or art.
We satisfy any wish list imaginable.


By air, overland, on the water.

VIPs, personalities, athletes, sports teams, and politicians rely on our expertise and strait ties with a meticulously filtered list of specialized suppliers.

Private jet or an airliner, a luxury river barge, or a mega-yacht, a chauffeured limousine to a luxury multi-coach entourage.

Working for the elite, with professionals with the highest safety and quality of land transportation at any destination around the globe.


Stand Out And Shine!

Worrying about your well-being?

High-performance for athletes, or carving the perfect balance?

We partner with some of the most discrete luxury mental health disorders & addiction and holistic recovery clinics on the planet, permitting you to retreat and recover in complete secrecy with exclusive hospitality in a private and luxurious setting.

Home & Family

Family & General Management Services

We value your personal atmosphere!

For that, we nourish you with premium benefits and a hand-picked selection of services meandering from general home & garden maintenance, housekeeping, house manager, private chef, laundry, regular transportation, car maintenance, babysitting, family holidays, celebrations & private parties,
so that you can focus on the most important tasks.

We pride ourselves on our proficiency to provide the most in-demand experts.

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