Amongst the thousands of Economic Agents in the Travel & Tourism Industry, we hand-pick each of our partners after a thorough selection. Each of our Partners  undergoes a scrutiny process where business credentials, operating licenses, and references are checked. No company can pay they’re way to being one of our partners.

We are fully aware of the responsibility we hold towards our Clients, as well as towards the communities in which we operate. Consequently, we have established a rigorous set of ethical values to guide us in our business practice.

We expect all our partners, that is, companies we collaborate with, to base their activity on the same ethical principles. For this purpose, we have developed a Supplier Code of Conduct, which establishes the necessary standards for the provision of the services to be provided.

Laws and ethical standards 

All Glamoux Partners must comply with all laws applicable to its activity. All Partners shall promote the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the International Labor Organization Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work 1998, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. local practices. This applies in particular to:

Human rights and fair labor practices when

 Child labor

All Partners can not employ children under the minimum age set for admission to work in any country or local jurisdiction. If the minimum employability age is not defined, it is considered to be 15 years. Workers under the age of 18 may only perform duties in accordance with legal requirements (eg with regard to hours and working conditions) and are subject to any education and training requirements.

Forced labor

All Partners shall not engage in any form of forced or involuntary labor. All work must be voluntary in nature. Workers must retain control over their identification documents (eg passports, work permits or any other personal legal documents). All Partners shall ensure that workers are not subject to fees or any other form of payment related to obtaining employment during the hiring process and the period of employment. Where legally required, the supplier is responsible for paying all costs and expenses (eg licenses and fees) relating to the workers. Punishment and mental and / or physical coercion are strictly prohibited. Disciplinary procedures and policies should be clearly defined and communicated to workers.

Remuneration and working hours

All Partners shall comply with all applicable national laws and applicable industry standards regarding working hours, overtime pay, wages and perks. All Partners are obliged to pay the wages to its workers in a timely manner, explicitly communicating the applicable wage bases. Except as provided by law, deductions from wages are not permitted as disciplinary measures.

Freedom of Association and Collective Negotiation

All Partners employees shall be free to join or refuse a trade union / workers’ association of their choice, free from threats or intimidation. All Partners acknowledges and respects the right to collective bargaining in accordance with applicable law.


All Partners should promote an inclusive work environment that values the diversity inherent in its employees. All Partners may not discriminate or tolerate discrimination against its employees based on gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality or any other feature protected by law.

Health and safety

We expect our Partners to be committed to implementing the highest standards of occupational health and safety by applying a health and safety management approach appropriate to the activity.

All Partners must comply with safety and health protection regulations, as well as provide a safe and healthy working environment in order to preserve the employees’ good health, protect third parties and prevent accidents, injuries and occupational diseases. Such practices include regular workplace risk assessments as well as the implementation of appropriate preventive and hazard control measures. Employees should be properly educated and trained in health and safety issues.

Data Protection and Information Disclosure

All Partners shall comply with relevant data protection and security laws and related regulations, especially regarding personal data of customers, consumers, employees and shareholders. All Partners shall comply with all such requirements during the data selection, processing, transmission and use processes.

All Partners shall protect and use confidential information in an appropriate manner and disclose no information.

Bribery and corruption

All Partners must comply with all national and international anti-bribery regulations as well as applicable anti-corruption laws, regulations and standards. All Partners shall not (directly or indirectly) offer or promise any valuables in order to improperly influence any official action or to secure an illegitimate advantage in obtaining or maintaining business.

Trade Regulations

All Partners must comply with all applicable trade and import regulations, including sanctions and embargoes imposed on its activities.

Money Laundering and Financial Records

All Partners must comply with all regulations and laws applicable to the fight against money laundering activities. All Partners shall maintain financial records and reports in accordance with international laws and regulations.

Fair competition

All Partners must comply with all applicable competition laws.

Conflicts of interest

A conflict of interest occurs when an individual has a private / personal interest that can influence their decisions. Such conflict of interest situations include kinship by blood or marriage, partnership, business partnership or investment. The supplier shall report any potential or factual conflict of interest to Glamoux.

Environment and Energy

All Partners shall comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards as well as implement an effective system to identify and eliminate potential hazards to the environment. We rely on the commitment of our business partners to further tGlamoux’s climate protection objectives through the products provided and services provided (eg by providing relevant data on environmental protection). In this regard, we also expect our Partners to adequately address environmental protection in their operations, notably by setting environmental protection objectives and striving to achieve those objectives, as well as the progressive adoption of means and technologies more energy efficient. ”

Business Continuity Planning

All Partners must be prepared for any disruptions related to its business activity (eg natural disasters, terrorism, viruses affecting software, diseases, pandemics and infectious diseases). The necessary preparation includes in particular disaster action plans to protect employees, clients, and the environment as far as possible from the effects of potential disasters within operations.

Communication with business partners

All Partners shall encourage its own partners to adhere to this Supplier Code of Conduct as an integral part of fulfilling their contractual obligations.

Compliance with Supplier Code of Conduct

Glamoux reserves the right, upon reasonable notice, to verify compliance with the requirements of the Supplier Code of Conduct. Glamoux encourages its partners to implement their own binding ethical behavior guidelines.

Any breach of obligations under this Partners Code of Conduct will be considered as a serious breach of contract by the  Partner

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