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About Us

We are not a Travel Agent, we are a Luxury Lifestyle & Travel Concierge.

It just would not be humanly possible to excel in all fields and regions, and although all the planning is made by our in-house connoisseurs, we work very closely and rely on our much trusted and specialized partners.

Handpicking, inspecting, and only after a thorough selection, do we partner with the most Charming and Luxurious Accommodations, the best in Aviation, the most reliable Land Transporters, Fashion and Lifestyle Brands, Jewelers, Chefs, awarded Yacht Charter Companies, and some of the best and most knowledgable  Off-Market fixers.

Our obsession with detail has been the key to our success as are the numerous specialists working together as a team.

Our care and passion with the slightest detail are incomparable.

Dreams, fantasies, wishes and expectations. These are certainly very defying to deal with, and, still today, each new request is a whole new adventure.

– Where we do it?
We love exploring the world ourselves, to know each place, confirm with our own eyes, see the unseen, feel and experience local cultures, connect with our world, and reconnect with life itself, consequently, we operate globally.

– Our Responsibility
We are fully aware of the responsibility we hold towards our clients, as well as towards the communities in which we operate, our partners, and the environment.

Consequently, we have established a rigorous set of ethical values to guide us in our business practice.

We require all parties, we collaborate with, to base their activity on the same ethical principles.

For this purpose, we have developed a Partners Code of Conduct which establishes the minimum required standards and ethics.

The Fine Art of Well Serving Is Our Passion. 

Transcending expectations is for us as exciting as it is fulfilling.

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Confidentiality, Discretion, and Distinction.

These are the values that have been the base of our services since day one, and that we contemplate as being our most valued quality.

Our commitment and posture is not turned to sales, but rather in providing a complete, exceptional, and faultless service.

We are resourceful and have incredibly imaginative and innovative methods for getting things done.



Concierges Since 1992

Dedication & reliability

They say that wealth is not material…

Above all, our experience tells us that travel gives us a different perspective of the world we live in.

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